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Admissions at Solberg College

If you are a prospective parent coming to Kabale or just checking out schools in your Uganda, a very warm welcome to you. This page has most of the information you will need for admissions, some frequently asked questions and the application forms. Solberg College is selective in its admissions and the Admission Committees decisions are based on the criteria listed below. Short-listed students will be asked to take the admission test before a final decision is made. No preference is given for early applications and the school does not maintain a long term waiting list

Criteria for admissions

Solberg College aims to be an open and welcoming school, and views each child as a unique person made in God's image. In our admissions and school operations we do not discriminate on the basis of national or ethnic origin, religion or faith background, gender, age, race, color or disability. Our teachers, however, are Christians. All admissions decisions are made by an Admissions Committee. The criteria have been set by the school board and include the following priorities. We prioritize families that are likely to support learning from home and participate in the life of the school. Each family writes a 'parent essay' as part of admissions process. We prioritize students who are likely to benefit from, and contribute to, an academically rich and rigorous environment. The admission test and interview is weighed along with report cards from previous schools. We prioritize siblings to try to keep families together.

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